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Active constituent:

• 900g/kg ATRAZINE.


• For the control of Annual Weeds in Broom Millet, TT-Canola, Lupins, Maize, Saccaline, Sorghum, Sugarcane, Sweet Corn and other crops.

General instructions:

• DO NOT apply to waterlogged soil.
• DO NOT apply if heavy rains or storms that are likely to cause runoff are forecast within 2 days of application.
• DO NOT irrigate to the point of run-off for at least 2 days after application.
• DO NOT use as a pre-emergence application in broom millet, saccaline or sorghum during the wet season in the northern irrigation areas of WA.


• Store in a cool, dry place tightly sealed protected from sunlight, moisture & heat.
• Keep out of reach of children.


• This product must be mixed with water and applied by suitable spray equipment.
1. Fill vat no more than 25% full with clean water before addingn begin agitating vat contents vigorously and continue agitation during entire mixing and spraying operations.
2. Pour required amount steadily into vat, allow vigorous bypass agitation to completely disperse product, do not dump product into vat all at once.
3. After adding required quantity and obtaining complete dispersion, continue to fill vat to desired level for spraying, thorough agitation of the spray liquid should continue during the entire spraying operation.
• Note: Spray solution should NOT be left standing in the vat overnight.


• PE-Pharma bottle of 1000 ml.

8 724187319654


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7241878319654 (UPC/UPC-A)


Herbicide for agriculture use

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